Mengkritik bukan bermakna tidak suka, kita prihatin untuk memperbaiki, mengkritik kerana kita dapat lihat kesilapan yang berlaku dan kita melontarkan idea memberi cadangan untuk membetulkan kekurangan itu, mengkritik dengan ilmiah dan fakta itu sihat bukan mengkritik dengan emosi


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Sample Expressing Gratitude

We hope we can maintain our established business and friendly relationships and continue mutual cooperation. We wish you flourish and soar to new heights in the business.

We wish to expressly thank Technical Services.
Our special appreciation goes to highly professional Administrators/Organizer. Thanks to prompt operations of the above the exhibitions ran smoothly throughout the entire period.
Kind regards and looking forward to further cooperation,

We hereby thank you for your huge contribution and support in preparation and holding of the events/ceremony.

I wish you and your employees have continuous professional success, luck and prosperity, new and original ideas, inspiration and unfailing optimism.

We pray to the Almighty God for Him to keep you in good health, strong spirit and will on the right path and give you your due for the kind acts in both worlds.
Kind regards and prayers,

We at MHZIT Resources would like to hereby express our appreciation for your help in bringing to reality the “IT Fair” business event in Exhibition and Convention Centre and for assistance in providing help for the corporate quest.

We wish you successful projects and events and look forward to our further cooperation.

On behalf of the team/company, I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude for your kind and meaningful congratulatory words.
It is very satisfying to know that a person of such a high position as yours shares our moments of joy and supports our initiatives aimed at spiritual and ethical revival and a strengthening of peace and harmony in our country.

Thank you for your kind attention, respect and understanding.
We look forward to our further fruitful cooperation for the benefit of our mutual constructive goals, and to further growth of our mutual achievements.
May the Lord help thee in your just endeavours and noble labours.

Sources: sokolniki.com

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