Mengkritik bukan bermakna tidak suka, kita prihatin untuk memperbaiki, mengkritik kerana kita dapat lihat kesilapan yang berlaku dan kita melontarkan idea memberi cadangan untuk membetulkan kekurangan itu, mengkritik dengan ilmiah dan fakta itu sihat bukan mengkritik dengan emosi


Friday, December 23, 2011


The only thing that erases misunderstandings in a relationship is communication..

Oftentimes, people take each other for granted. They think that the other person can read their thoughts and understands what's going on. If the person knew your mind, the misunderstand would've never occured.

So take time to talk things out with your loved ones, tell each other what's going on. Because miscommunication is a barrier to healthy relationships. Always remember that.

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